Sergio Tacchini

more than 50 years of passion

50 years of victories, but also of timeless products that have made the history of the brand. From the Young Line worn by McEnroe, to the Ghibli designed for the United States Davis Cup Team, Sergio Tacchini's garments are the synthesis of a success story. A tennis player who creates, with Italian style and innovation, a brand that evokes a whole world.


Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini, Italian Tennis Champion and Davis Cup team player from 1959 to 1966

It all began in 1966 when Sergio Tacchini retired from competitive tennis and founded Sandys, a company manufacturing and distributing sportswear and sports shoes.


1970 - His friends

Tacchini started with kits for his former tennis colleagues with the first tennis wear collections created by the former champion.


1970 - The colour

He introduced colour to tennis kits for the very first time, impacting a world which, up until then, had only ever allowed white.


1972 - New logo

The new Sergio Tacchini logo was launched, where the initials S and T intertwine to reproduce the court baselines and resemble the shape of a tennis ball.


1978 - Sponsorships and international testimonials

The year when the sponsorships of world class tennis players started, with Connors and Gerulaitis helping to boost the Italian brand within the top rankings of the tennis world and gain recognition on the international market.


1978 - John McEnroe

1978 - the year of amazing intuition: an 8 year contract was signed with the new world class tennis star John McEnroe, who went on to become the key icon of the brand.


1980 - Young Line

At the beginning of the 80s, Tacchini launched the Young Line polo shirt on the market: a double contrast colour stripe front&back on the polo shirt. This double stripe became the iconic symbol of the brand, used at a corporate level with a series of different versions throughout the yearly collections. In fact, the Young Line Polo and Tamarindo track suit are still among the current best sellers.


1980 - 1990 - New sportswear lines

This was the decade that saw the Sergio Tacchini collections branch out to embrace new sportswear lines designed for other kinds of sports. First and foremost the GOLF line, which led to the sponsorship of champion players such as Jan Woosnam.


1990 - Skiing

Then came the skiiing line for men, women and kids. A collection for skiing enthusiasts, but also technical lines designed for world class champions such as Pirmin Zurbriggen and Marc Girardelli


1990 – 1995 - Shoes

True to its mission based on extending its lines, shoe collections were introduced in the mid 90s, focusing particularly on technical shoes for champion players, but also launching a leisure wear range.



The 90s also witnessed the brand advertising campaigns of different subjects taken to a whole new level, covering both tennis and the champions of the moment, and also the new sports lines produced by Sergio Tacchini.


The total look

It was during this period that the Italian brand developed a total look leisure collection. The collections are for both men and women, and range from outerwear to trousers and shoes.


1991 - The stores

The total look collection led to the launch of the first flagship stores. The very first store was opened in Turin in 1991, inaugurating a new form of distribution on the sportswear retail channel.


2001 - Sailing

In 2001 the brand's own 60 foot trimaran was launched, competing under the command of the competent French skipper Fauconnier. The investment was deemed essential for the design and fine-tuning of the new Sailing collection technical gear.


The accessories

A fundamental collaboration based strategy was drawn up to manage the non-core business products; it was during this period that fragrances and bags were introduced to the Sergio Tacchini portfolio. Underwear, socks, watches, homewear and beachwear soon followed suit.


The 50th anniversary

The brand celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. A dedicated logo was designed for the occasion, a Young Line Polo Special Edition and the celebrations were held at the Yacht Club de Monaco, featuring a photographic exhibition and a lavish party in the presence of a long list of friends of the brand, especially from the tennis world.



In celebration of its anniversary, the brand commenced a number of partnerships with designers from the fashion world, creating a range of capsules that are the ultimate blend between the sporting and fashion worlds. The first was with Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy, closely followed by Andrea Crews, Eleven Paris, and Le Bon Marché in Paris.